Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is a network protocol scheme that can automatically assign an IP address for a particular network to your computer. If you experience that "Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration," the IP is not assigned to the computer, it can not connect to a network.

Feb 06, 2017 Ethernet or WiFi Doesn't Have a Valid IP Configuration Most of the Windows users reported that above solution usually fixes issues with valid IP configuration problem, but make sure that if you use a static IP address you will have to set it up again. In case Winsock Reset command didn’t work for you then, you might want to try below commands as well: Solution 2. IP Release & Renew Fix: "Connection” doesn’t have a Valid IP Configuration

How to fix ‘Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration

Wi-Fi doesn't have valid IP configuration [FIXED] Mar 27, 2020 IP Tutorial: Subnet Mask and Subnetting May 29, 2020

When I ran the troubleshooter, I get "Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration". I tried all the solutions you can try with googling and none of them worked. I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling ethernet adapter and resetting network settings and it still doesn't work.

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