If your parents are a little more tech savvy than the average user, then yes, to a point. Incognito will erase your search history, or rather not store the history in the usual place.

Oct 07, 2019 How to use incognito mode in Chrome - LaptopMag To open an incognito window, start Chrome and click the wrench icon in the top right corner of the … Fix Incognito Mode not working in Chrome on Windows 10 Aug 01, 2015 Can IP Addresses Be Tracked in Incognito?

Jan 11, 2020

Jun 03, 2020 How To Turn Off Incognito Mode - Tech Junkie

Jun 03, 2020

Sep 13, 2019 Incognito - Home | Facebook Incognito, London, United Kingdom. 143K likes. インコグニート / An acid jazz project with deep roots in the 1970s jazz/funk/soul world Chrome Incognito Mode is Missing | 4 Ways to Fix At this time, you can try to turn on the Chrome incognito mode with the shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+N. If the Chrome incognito mode can't be opened with it, it's time to get back the missing Chrome incognito mode and here are 4 ways for you to fix the Chrome incognito mode is missing problem.