How to Clear Cookies on Mac Pro/Macbook/Air/mini

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It lists the cookies, blocks flash content, and leaves it up to you to decide whether to store or delete flash cookies. Google Chrome users can download Click & Clean extension to get rid of the Adobe Flash objects and cookies. It also scans your Mac for Malware, erases temporary files and clears Flash cookies in a jiffy. Apps to Remove Flash

Some cookie won't delete - March 2007 - Forums - CNET Dec 02, 2013 How to Uninstall Google Chrome on Mac, MacBook, iMac Step #5: Now visit the folder in which Google Chrome application is stored. Quite Google Chrome App on Mac from Background. NOTE: It is possible that Google Chrome is located in the Application folder.Else go to “File” and select “Find”.From there search, Google Chrome. Google Chrome app move in to Trash on Mac. Step #6: Drag the “Google Chrome” application into the “Trash