HMSA will provide you with a password to access the HMSA Employee Wi-Fi and it may change or be time restricted. You may not use the HMSA Employee Wi-Fi contrary to these terms or any rule or policy of HMSA (such as HMSA’s Mobile Computing and Teleworking , Vendor Remote Access, and Wireless Connectivity policies which can be found on Sapphire).

Edit: The WiFi Direct standard says to support WPA2 ciphering, but I'm not sure how it works (there is no way to configure the passphrase of it), and if it works at all. One way of doing this could be to make some cipher key that the two peers shares and encrypt all the traffic coming out of specific port that I'm using. Wi-Fi Direct - Wikipedia Wi-Fi Direct negotiates the link with a Wi-Fi Protected Setup system that assigns each device a limited wireless access point. The "pairing" of Wi-Fi Direct devices can be set up to require the proximity of a near field communication, a Bluetooth signal, or a button press on one or all the devices. Wi-Fi Direct™ | Wi-Fi Alliance

Ensure that the “Use Windows WLAN AutoCOnfig service for clients” is ticked so that Windows does not allow third-party software to control the wireless network adapter (e.g. Intel Wireless LAN configuration Tool). Step 5. Now click on the Network Permission Tab and click “Add…” Setting up a Wireless Network Black List using Group Policy

Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release

Resolving DirectAccess Connectivity Issues (The easy

Nov 19, 2013 Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release Jun 10, 2020 Cisco Wireless Controller Configuration Guide, Release 8.2 Sep 16, 2016