What you have to do is call the technical support for the internet, they have to add the MAC address of your Chromecast to their database. The guy I talked to created a private network for me with my name and room number, got things connected then he hid the network.

May 14, 2020 Chromecast Not Working? Here's the 6 fixes WiFi Network. Some time we didn’t focus on such things and keep trying to solve the problem with … How to fix Chromecast not working issue Sep 13, 2019 Chromecast troubleshooting tips – SUPPORT

Jul 19, 2019 · There is hardly any issue that a complete restoration of factory settings cannot fix. Find the ‘reset’ button on your Chromecast dongle. Hold it for at least 20-25 seconds for successful reset. Most of the issues that arise with Chromecast are due to some problem with the Wi-Fi connection.

Vizio said it will roll out the Chromecast update that supports Disney Plus in 2020, but it wasn't clear exactly when in 2020. Disney's new streaming channel, is not working on their TVs. Chromecast is reportedly known to only work on 2.4 GHz on your wireless router. If your router is set to some other frequency band, the device may not be able to connect. Consider purchasing a Chromecast to HDMI extender and then plugging it into the HDMI port of your TV. You can also try power cycling your TV and all the devices you are using. Step #3: Make sure Chromecast has enough power to operate. While the neatest installation of Chromecast is to plug its USB lead into a spare socket on your TV to let it draw power to run, many TVs simply don’t provide enough power through this port for Chromecast to work well. If streams stop suddenly, or the cast icon keeps vanishing, this VLC Chromecast not working – no device showing. For some unknown reason, if your Chromecast device doesn’t appear in this list of renderers, you can go to Tools > Preferences and click on the

Make sure the Chromecast's name does not contain any special characters. Special characters in the Chromecast name (like emojis or apostrophes) will prevent it from being seen by the Netflix app.

Screen mirroring with Chromecast - All About Chromecast Moto X4 does not support Miracast. it depends on your requirements and budget. There are so many options. Personally, I do not use any portable projectors. Although Chromecast should work with most projectors with HDMI input, some manufacturers may implement HDMI in some non-standard ways in some models. If possible, you’d better try them. Chromecast Not Showing Up? Cast to Device Not Working Jul 19, 2017 Chromecast Connection Issues – Pluto TV Support