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2007-12-23 How to: Automate server login on a workgroup using a … Create a batch file on the local drive, example login.bat and put in the below code: net use \\my-server\IPC$ /USER: administrator my-password. Save the file and then create a shortcut to it on the startup folder in your Start programs so that it will be executed on startup of the machine. 6.2 Batch Login - LabWare 2009-8-10 · The second section of the batch login template contains fields which are associated with a step in the batch. These Step fields come from the Sample login template that is defined for each step in the batch. A list of previously used templates for the logged on user will be displayed at the bottom of the File menu. The login template can be

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2011-11-22 · I have 16 batch files (on a network shared drive that each machine can read from and write to) and each batch file will start a simulation on one machine. The manual way to get this going is to manually start a Remote Desktop session (from another machine -- machine M -- on the same network) to machine (1), key in username and password, open a Windows 7 How to make a Log file of a Batch Job 2012-5-20 7.2 Batch Login - LabWare