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NetBIOS - Wikipedia NetBIOS is a non-routable OSI Session Layer 5 Protocol and a service that allows applications on computers to communicate with one another over a local area network (LAN). NetBIOS was developed in 1983 by Sytek Inc. as an API for software communication over IBM PC Network LAN technology. How the disabling of Netbios over TCP /IP affect Domain Mar 23, 2017 NetBIOS Name – Network Encyclopedia

NetBIOS provides three distinct services: Name Services (utilizing UDP or TCP port 137) allows for name registration and resolution. Datagram Services (utilizing UDP port 138) is for connectionless communication over a network, such as error reporting. Session Services (utilizing TCP port 139) lets

Applies To: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012. You must assign a name to every domain in your plan. Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domains have two types of names: Domain Name System (DNS) names and NetBIOS names. …

Configuring NetBIOS – GFI LanGuard Support

Sep 11, 2019 Configuring NetBIOS – GFI LanGuard Support From the NetBIOS setting area, ensure that Default or Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP are selected. Click OK and exit the Local Area Properties dialog(s). Note: If static IP is being used or the DHCP server does not provide the NetBIOS setting, select the Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP option. nmbd(8) - Linux man page nmbd is a server that understands and can reply to NetBIOS over IP name service requests, like those produced by SMB/CIFS clients such as Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and LanManager clients. It also participates in the browsing protocols which make up the Windows "Network Neighborhood" NetBIOS protocol, netbeui over TCP, server message blocks