The National Security Agency also plays a big role in surveillance and security today and it has come a long way. The National Security Agency, also known as the NSA, was created on November 4, 1952, by President Harry S. Truman.

The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (“FISA Court”) is a unique federal court created by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This court oversees requests for warrants on foreign spies. The requests are made mostly by the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. FISA reform to hit the Senate floor: Here’s what to know A controversial portion of the FBI’s surveillance powers, known as Section 215, gave the government broad powers to demand “business records” from companies in the name of national security The National Security Agency’s surveillance and the USA

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Jan 16, 2018 · The U.S. Senate on Tuesday advanced a bill to renew the National Security Agency's warrantless internet surveillance program, as a final push by privacy advocates to derail the measure came up short.

NSA surveillance reform bill advances in the Senate The House has passed a version of the bill, which adjusts a controversial phone data collection program, but the Senate could change it Jun 2, 2015 NSA Spying | Electronic Frontier Foundation News reports in December 2005 first revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been intercepting Americans’ phone calls and Internet communications. Those news reports, combined with a USA Today story in May 2006 and the statements of several members of Congress, revealed that the NSA is also receiving wholesale copies of American's