routing-mark (string; Default: "") Name of routing table that contains this route. Not set by default which is the same as main. Packets that are marked by firewall with this value of routing-mark will be routed using routes from this table, unless overridden by policy routing rules. Not more than 251 routing marks can be added per router.

Aug 10, 2017 routing - Mikrotik - Using 2 WAN connections with 2 Static I have 2 WAN lines that connect to the Internet: one connects on ether1 interface, the other connect on ether2 interface, using a Mikrotik router.. ether3 connects to LAN.. Each line has Valid IP (static IP) and connect with PPPoE connection: WAN 1 has 217.219.xx.xx, connecting with pppoe1-WAN; WAN 2 has 89.165.xx.xx connecting with pppoe1-WAN2; In Routing, pppoe1-WAN1 has Distance 1 and MikroTik Routers and Switches Reviews & Ratings 2020

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Mikrotik Training Videos | Mikrotik RIP, Mangle tutorial MikroTik Routing Engineer with LABS. Understand the topics of the MikroTik MTCRE track and be ready for the MTCRE exam . Maher Haddad. $10. MikroTik Security Engineer with LABS. Become a MikroTik Security Professional and be ready for the MikroTik MTCSE exam . Maher Haddad. $10. Policy base Routing (2 WAN- 2LAN) in mikrotik router | Abu Policy Based Routing (2 WAN- 2LAN) in mikrotik router . We will assume that you already have the IP addresses set up on your router. First, we must define our routes. We will add three “default” routes. These are below: /ip route add gateway= routing-mark=ISP2

Without more information it is hard to know what the problem is, but it is most likely a routing problem, just like @Nick B. mentioned. Each of the subnets on MikroTik 1 have to have a route on MikroTik 2, and each of the subnets on MikroTik 2 have to have a route on MikroTik 1. You can make this easier by enabling a routing protocol on both

MikroTik Routing All-in-1 Video Bootcamp | Udemy Topics covered are based on Routing in MikroTik such as: Static Route, Default Route, ECMP, Static Floating Route, RIP, and all details topics of OSPF. All those topics are explained in a very simple way and then each topic has a practical Lab. All those Labs will be made using GNS3 emulator. MikroTik RouterOS Workshop Load Balancing Best Practice