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VPN Types: What is Site-to-Site VPN May 11, 2015 When to Use a Site-to-Site VPN | Mirazon As with remote access VPNs, the site-to-site VPN has been around for several decades. The notion of using encryption over the Internet to connect two sites was waaaay more attractive than using modem banks. Setting up a site-to-site VPN is very appealing when every business-class firewall supports some form of site-to-site VPN (usually IPsec).

May 11, 2015

Jun 08, 2020 Site-to-site VPN is a type of VPN connection that is created between two separate locations. It provides the ability to connect geographically separate locations or networks, usually over the public Internet connection or a WAN connection.

Feb 18, 2015

Are there security benefits to using a site-to-site VPN? Second, a site-to-site VPN is scalable. It is easy to add a new site or another office branch to the network. When you decide to relocate a remote office or site, it is nearly painless to set up Configuring NAT over a Site-to-Site IPsec VPN connection The VPN establishes an encrypted tunnel to provide secure access to company resources through TCP on port 443. Creating a site-to-site SSL VPN. You want to establish secure, site-to-site VPN tunnels using an SSL connection. This VPN allows a branch office to connect to the head office. Difference between site to site VPN and remote access VPN