The only way to by pass the mobile phone verification that uses texting is to contact the POF support by email which I think you then have to supply your own home number. I can't find anything on POF help center but you can check out this article that has a bit more information.

Is there a good method to get around the Craigslist Phone Step 1. Have a buddy who's at home enter verification codes for you. Step 2. Ask random people or friends to use cell phones. Step 3. Call Buddy from the number, secretly press end. Step 4. Answer the phone verif call, and call him back. Step 5. You got a verified account. How I can create a Craigslist account without phone You cannot bypass craiglist phone verification if it asks you for a phone number though you could by a virtual phone number using which you can easily create a brand new craiglist account. Here is one of the website that provides virtual phone number for craiglist. 1.8K views View 3 Upvoters craigslist | about | help | phone verification

Jun 04, 2020

Jun 04, 2020 craigslist | about | help | captcha

I will supply you with a list of items which won’t assist you to bypass the Craigslist phone verification process. Some of these include things like pre paid cellular phones, Voice over internet protocol, call forwarding web sites, and international accounts. This can be mainly because Craigslist look at every last number to find out the type

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