Windows RT 8.0. No product updates were released for Windows RT 8.0 in January. December 2013 updates. Windows RT 8.0 and Windows RT 8.1. Surface Home Button Driver (v1.0.248.0) update optimizes available system memory. Surface Type Cover audio device driver (v1.0.245.0) update enhances trackpad sounds for Type Cover 2. November 2013 updates

What is Windows RT? Surface RT uses a new version of the Windows operating system called Windows RT. This new version of Windows is optimised for thin and light PCs that have an ARM processor (the processor commonly used in mobile phones). Page 11 Learn more about this in the Connect Surface to a TV, monitor, or projector section of this guide Nov 26, 2012 · Since the Surface RT is a hybrid hardware-software device in Microsoft's eyes, the company's end-of-life for its Surface RT hardware - ending in April of 2017 - is a little different from the Windows RT is a discontinued mobile operating system developed by Microsoft.It is an edition of Windows 8.x built for the 32-bit ARM architecture (ARMv7). First unveiled in January 2011 at Consumer Electronics Show, the Windows RT 8 operating system was officially launched alongside Windows 8 on October 26, 2012, with the release of three Windows RT-based devices, including Microsoft's Home » Devices » Microsoft Surface RT Specs – Full Technical Specifications. Microsoft Surface RT Specs – Full Technical Specifications. Microsoft Surface RT is the first generation of Microsoft Surface launched alongside with Windows 8 released by Microsoft on October 26, 2012. End of support essentially means the company stops adding new features and ends complimentary support for that version of Windows. But it still provides bug fixes and patches. Lumia 1520.3 Surface RT

Apr 24, 2017 · Microsoft later released an update to Windows 8.1 for the Surface RT — and, in fact, you need to have that update in order for your Surface RT to remain covered by the Mainstream Support for

Support & Downloads. Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 10 S & Windows RT Support Statement . Please choose your Operating System (OS). Oct 07, 2019 · The very first Surface device, Surface RT, was powered by an Nvidia Arm processor, so it's easy to confuse Windows on Arm with its predecessor, Windows RT, which was written for that device. Stop

Nov 25, 2012 · Microsoft's official support lifecycle for Surface with Windows RT hardware ends 4/11/2017. They have not yet announced the end of support for the Windows RT operating system on Surface and devices from Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba and other OEMs, nor for Office Home and Student 2013 RT, which is bundled with Surface RT. The support lifecycle for Intel-based Windows 8 is longer and more complicated.

Feb 24, 2019 · Windows 8.1 on Surface RT has a built-in Windows Defender for virus and threat protection out of the box. And, since Surface RT runs Windows RT 8.1 operating system, the traditional virus will not even execute at all. The support lifecycle for the Surface with Windows RT tablet is less than half the usual 10 years Microsoft allots its software products -- including Windows 8 -- but is considerably longer than Microsoft has updated its support pages to indicate when it will end mainstream support for its Windows RT version of Surface along with mainstream and extended support end dates for Windows 8.