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When you have a site-to-site VPN connection defined on an interface, and you also have NAT rules for that interface, you can optionally exempt the traffic on the VPN from the NAT rules. You might want to do this if the remote end of the VPN connection can handle your internal addresses. EdgeRouter - Site-to-Site IPsec VPN with Many-to-One set vpn ipsec site-to-site peer tunnel 1 local prefix set vpn ipsec site-to-site peer tunnel 1 remote prefix Click to copy. NOTE:The local prefix needs to be set to the address that will be used for the NAT translation. 7. Site-to-Site VPN with NAT - Server Fault We need to configure Site-to-Site VPN with our customer. Our local subnet: / 24. VPN configuration: Remote Subnet: / 24; Local Subnet: / 29; As you can see the VPN local subnet is not our local subnet. The customer is dictating the VPN … How to handle a Site-to-Site VPN one site behind a Double-NAT Goal: Establish a Site-to-Site VPN tunnel between an office and a remote-site behind a Double-NAT connection.(e.g 4G Hotspot with a CGNAT IP) (Remote Site Setup) LTE Modem: e.g Sierra Wireless Airlink GX450 - 4G Verizon LTE Hotspot / GPS - Outside Network: Operator Private IP range - …

See How to Configure NAT over VPN in a Site to Site VPN for more information on how to configure this. RESOLUTION: NOTE: The SIte A configuration here is based on firmware SonicOS 6.2 and Below and SIte B configuration is based on firmware SonicOS 6.5 and Later.Based on what firmware you are on, please configure accordingly.

Jul 24, 2020 Site-to-Site VPN with nat you also need a no-nat acl, to deny this specific traffic from being re-natted as it leaves the outside interface, the below should get you thinking in the direction you need to go:-

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Site-to-site VPN | HowStuffWorks A site-to-site VPN allows offices in multiple fixed locations to establish secure connections with each other over a public network such as the internet. Site-to-site VPN extends the company's network, making computer resources from one location available to employees at other locations.. An example of a company that needs a site-to-site VPN is a growing corporation with dozens of branch Azure site-to-site VPN and NAT : networking Azure site-to-site VPN and NAT. Close. 0. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Azure site-to-site VPN and NAT. Hey guys, need some advice, hope I'm not posting the wrong stuff. We need to establish a site-to-site VPN with one of our clients to our of our office locations. Difference between VPN in Route and NAT mode | DrayTek Dec 20, 2016 How do NAT and VPN work? - The Security Buddy