Feb 26, 2015 · EarthLink partners with GigaNews to bring you Newsgroup access. As you approach your monthly limit, you will receive an email from GigaNews offering you options for extending your monthly limit by signing up for GigaNews plans separate from your EarthLink account.

Found this thread on google as I'm unable to ping or tracert news-europe.giganews.com or news.giganews.com Tracert stops after the UBR. I can ping them from my Orange 3G connection. I am on hold to Virgin at the moment. Have got over the first hurdle of explaining that it's not a website and won't come up in IE. Giganews has been and remains one of the most respected Usenet providers on the scene. And by the way, it's Giganews (all one word) and not "Giga news"! Giganews officially opened its news servers to the world in the summer of 1998, over 20 years ago. That makes Giganews older than online giants such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Google. May 20, 2011 · Many still wonder what happened as Giganews has yet to release any information on the outage. It appears Giganews, Supernews and Power Usenet were all down for a period of time Monday morning. Giganews heavily promotes the quality of their service and they normally do a good job of providing reliable Usenet access. Mar 05, 2009 · r/usenet: We are a thriving community dedicated to helping users old and new understand and use usenet. May 27, 2020 · The front page of the website has thumbnails highlighting the top 10 files from the last 24 hours, or you can drill down to various audio, video and other categories for a more detailed view. Additional research information and status history for Giganews.com is provided below for your reference. For example, Giganews.com was down 0 times out of 4,984 checks. This is a 0% downtime ratio based on past history. For your immediate notice, Giganews.com was last checked on 07/23/2019 09:34 and you may want to consider checking it again.

Giganews is the world's best Usenet provider. Offering the world's highest quality retention and fastest speeds. Sign up for a free 14 day trial.

This is certainly the case with Giganews, as you get a LOT more for your money. Giganews offers a FREE 14 day trial of their services for all new customers. This is great for you the end user, as it enables you to test for certain newsgroups, speed and completion. Pricing Packages , Free Trial. Giganews offers five different tiered plans. Only Usenet is a worldwide distributed Internet discussion system. It was developed from the general purpose UUCP dial-up network architecture. Duke University graduate students Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis conceived the idea in 1979 and it was established in 1980. Of course, this makes VyprVPN also perfect for hiding your Usenet activity from your ISP and preventing them from slowing down your connection. Giganews’ headline Diamond Plan is admittedly not cheap. But look closer and you'll see much cheaper Giganews’ plans that also come with a bundled VPN.

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Is giganews down for anyone else? Issue Resolved I was unable to connect this morning, password wouldn't reset, spoke to support and finally got it reset, now the website won't resolve at all. Giganews also use to put right up front in their site there retention number. Now it seems buried or hidden and if you find it it is quoted in years to make it seem competitive. Supernews says it in days at least but with almost a two year gap from astraweb and highwinds, should they even be considered as a full retention provider? A newsgroup server may also be used to refer to a provider of newsgroup services like Giganews or the specific address you connect to (example: news.giganews.com). Giganews utilizes patent pending technology to cluster our newsgroup servers so they can act as a team during periods of isolated outages or increased load. Giganews is likely having cash flow problems following their user base's recent wake up realizing they were being totally ripped off and perfect 10's lawsuit. actions · 2011-May-17 12:48 pm · NewsLeecher Usenet-only access comes down to $9.49 per month. If you want access to the newsreader only, it will cost you $3.99 monthly. All 3 options come with a 14 day free trial with up to 14GB