My Sky Q box doesn't connect to my Sky Go app on my apple mobile unless I turn my tv on. Can anyone explain why this is? When I used to use the Sky+ app, I could access the sky box via the app as long as I was in the house, whether the tv was turned on or not.

Watch SKY online with SKY GO. Live sports, news, box sets, catch up movies, shows and entertainment. For SKY TV customers, anywhere in New Zealand. Jan 04, 2014 · Have new sky+hd box need to connect coaxial cable to tv in bedroom. On old sky+box it had a connection for it! Help please! Jul 07, 2020 · NordVPN is another excellent choice for a Sky Go VPN. It is a master of unblocking streaming services, and Sky Go is no different. Just connect to one of the dozens of UK servers available in its global network and you can start streaming Sky Go right away. Sky TV customers using the Sky Go, Sky Cinema, Sky Q and Sky Sports apps can also register six devices. If you have six devices registered and want to add a different device, the least used device will be automatically swapped out - but as you can swap out devices as often as you want with no limits, in practice you can flexibly switch between

HDMI two way splitter at the Sky Box, connected to HDMI - RF Modulator, Coax to freeview HD receiver at projector, HDMI to Projector. This should give you a HD feed to the projector, cost about £200 for the modulator.

The only way you can enjoy Sky Go on a big screen is by using a laptop _ Connect your laptop to a TV using an HDMI cable and you can then stream your Sky Go content as before, with your movies and shows appearing on the larger panel. Aug 24, 2011 · you must have your apple device jailbroken to get cydia and through cydia you can download (TVOUT2) app this will work with iphone,ipad,& ipod touch. plesae rate and subscribe any questions i will Sep 01, 2010 · You actually can Airplay Sky Go to the Apple TV. It is true the app won't allow it, I mean to just select AirPlay and let it show on the tv like you would say YouTube but if you mirror your screen and then use the SkyGo app on landscape it will mirror on to the tv in fullscreen via the AppleTV.

If you are unable to connect via ethernet or WiFi, we can offer powerline adaptors instead, allowing you to connect your Sky to your home internet via the power sockets in your home. (One off lending fee. Includes delivery)*.This is the most costly option and we recommend you take a look at the other two first.